Children’s Health Coalition Statement to the Toronto Star

March 3, 2022 – The school safety plan has been effective. From mid-January onwards, COVID wastewater monitoring indicators, pediatric hospitalizations and school absenteeism have declined. Before making any decision on the removal of masks in schools, we would prefer that decision-makers look at what core indicators say—things like a stabilization or reduction in case counts, hospitalizations, and ICU numbers. Given Ontario’s reopening and March Break, it makes sense to wait until at least two weeks after the end of the break to review those indicators and make a decision for Ontario’s schools. 

COVID in schools tends to reflect COVID in the broader community. Let’s wait until we better understand the impact of a broader re-opening before we change measures that have successfully kept schools open since January.

About the Children’s Health Coalition: The Children’s Health Coalition is a collective of children’s health organizations made up of CHEO, Children’s Hospital – London Health Sciences Centre, Children’s Mental Health Ontario, Empowered Kids Ontario, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Kids Health Alliance, McMaster Children’s Hospital, and SickKids.


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