Paige’s Story

Paige Zaldin, 17, has cerebral palsy and is using her voice to speak up for kids and teens with disabilities who have been left behind during the pandemic. She experiences challenges with mobility, energy levels, depth perception and pain related to her disability and relies on personal support workers (PSWs)…

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Dr. Hazen Gandy on Waitlists

Kids have indeed taken the brunt of this pandemic. One of the places we’re seeing the biggest impacts is in an area where we already had major access and waitlist issues before the pandemic: child and youth mental health. These impacts will be felt for years, as Dr. Hazen Gandy,…

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Laura’s Story

Meet Laura, a mom of three from Sudbury. Her daughter lives with complex mental illness. As an advocate for her child, hear from her first hand about how challenging it is navigating services in the north, and how wait times and high staff turnover have impacted her daughter’s care. Laura…

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Lucy's photo

Lucy’s Story

In many ways Lucy is a typical four-year-old. She enjoys playing with her younger brother Anthony and her older sister Grace. She loves colouring and riding her bike and scooter outside and the Lion King and Disney princess movies are her favourite things to watch. But Lucy is not typical…

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Bella's Story Image

Bella & Andrea’s Story

As the mother of a daughter with multiple disabilities who needs around-the-clock care, Andrea believes families like hers have been left behind as Ontario emerges from the pandemic. Her 13-year-old daughter, Bella, was diagnosed with global developmental delay, along with autism spectrum disorder and Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome—a rare genetic condition that…

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